The amazing instant open & magnetic close curtain.

The magnetic curtain that will simplify your life! Magneto Mesh® opens easily and closes automatically. It's the best way to enjoy fresh air without having annoying bugs around.

Magneto Mesh® is ideal for those who have pets going in and out of the house. Magneto Mesh® can be opened with no effort even when you have your hands busy. Its magnets ensure a quick close and a smooth appearance.

The perfect solution!

Magneto Mesh® makes life easier for you and your pet, but not for insects!
Magneto Mesh® is on sale in shopping centres for only:


And now you can buy Magneto Mesh® in white!
Elegant, inconspicuous. Launching offer!


Magneto Mesh® DECO:
The same advantages but with butterfly or floral patterns.


Magneto Mesh - Screen is an excellent barrier against flying insects and it allows air to flow freely. It fits any window with a maximum width of 1.5m.


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